One-to-One Work

Everyone needs a personal guide and trusted truth-teller to support them through life changes. Working with a coach is a sign of strength and courage to face the change and grow from it.

Why Work With Kathy?

  • See new opportunities and visualize what’s possible.
  • Better understand your unique gifts and circumvent self-limiting beliefs holding you back.
  • Take calculated risks and still feel in control.
  • Discover hidden courage by pivoting from victim to courageous survivor.
  • Access your “inner explorer” to brave the change journey and realize the benefits of transforming.

What Is Kathy’s Hourly Charge For Services?

There are no hourly charges. There is one cost we negotiate upfront. Factors considered:

  • Your budget
  • Type of relationship that works for your change – coach (achieve specific goals) or trusted adviser (in-the-moment insights and recommendations)
  • Time – how frequently we decide to meet. If coaching, we typically meet more often to monitor progress and course-correct.
  • How long for the coaching – shortest time is typically one month and longest is four months. After four months we would typically evaluate a maintenance program going forward.

What Does Kathy Expect Of Me?

  • Being open to new ideas
  • Truth-seeking when examining yourself
  • Taking action on agreed-upon next steps
  • Show up for agreed-upon coaching calls

Rave Reviews:

“Kathy is a great coach, she asks the right questions and knows when to push or not. I’m one of the leading content experts in my field and Kathy’s input will help others better understand the concepts I am putting forward. I had such a great experience working with Kathy as my coach, I plan to bring her in to improve our already highly rated training and follow up support. With Kathy’s help I’m confident we can go from “very good and excellent” to “Fantastic.””
Donna Milgram, Executive Director, Institute for Women in Trades, Technology & Science

“She is an amazing lady to work with, and I would heartily recommend her services to any executive, business owner, or leader. When you bring Kathy in, you not only discover a trusted confidante and partner, but someone who will challenge and push you to be your best as a leader. She has very high standards of excellence for the work she does, which just exudes in all her interactions. Her ability to listen, distill the swirl of ideas, engage and involve others, and maintain a results-oriented focus are just a few of her exceptional qualities.”
Michael McDonough, President, Alameda Chamber of Commerce

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