Have you ever sat back and wondered – does this happen because of planning or because I make myself available for chance meetings? I personally believe it requires both, in equal doses. The journey itself cannot begin without the planning and execution to make it a reality. On the other hand, the human connections you make along the way will not occur without putting yourself out there, beyond electronics and often out of your comfort zone. Let me share an example from a chance Sunday meeting in Belturbet, Ireland.

On Sunday in Belturbet you have three choices: attend the Catholic Church, Church of Ireland (i.e. Episcopal/Anglican) or none. For my husband and I, being mainline Presbyterians, we opted for the Church of Ireland. We couldn’t remember the time (11:00 or 12:00), and chose to arrive possibly early as opposed to missing the service entirely. So, of course, we were an hour early. We discovered along our walk that the Railway Museum was open and thought we’d use that hour to explore it. We asked the first passerby if he could direct us. Not only did he provide directions, but proceeded to share with us a twenty minute history lesson on the differences and similarities between the Irish and Scottish (kissing cousins according to him), the tales of Banshees, how the celebration of Halloween was started in Ireland as the ancient festival of Samhain, and his pure love for Irish folklore. As he walked away, my husband commented, “I believe storytelling is part of their DNA.” What a delightful interlude.

So let’s break this down. From a planning and execution perspective, we wouldn’t have been in Ireland, Belturbet or even out on that sidewalk without having put some effort into getting there. It took several months of preparation; finding a place to stay, booking flights, obtaining the money, etc. Well, you see where I’m going from a planning perspective. But, if we hadn’t reached out to ask for directions (typically a step outside of my husband’s comfort zone) or had used our GPS neighborhood map, we might never have come across this unexpected stranger and his Irish folklore stories.

Planning makes the journey possible; the human connections and the chance meetings you engage in along the way add the spark and joy to the adventure.

So here are my questions to you – What dream or adventure are you putting off that you want to make a reality? Have you even allowed yourself to believe that there is something possible beyond your day-to-day responsibilities? Money, time or people shouldn’t stand in your way. If you want to make it happen, start today to plan and execute.

AND – Do you allow yourself the opportunity for chance meetings? Do you reach outside of your comfort zone, stretch beyond electronics to in-person interactions, and engage with strangers you don’t know or haven’t been introduced to? There is a whole world of human connectedness waiting for you to take the first step.

Kathy Hart, Ed.D. has a driving passion for human change and transformation. Her goal is to provide professional women with the support and resources needed to re-imagine and lead even more abundant, joy-filled and purpose-driven lives. If you are a woman wanting to reclaim your voice, realize a long-held dream, or just live your life to the fullest, take concrete action by contacting Kathy at kathy@clearvisionconsult.com. The choice is yours!

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