Coaching Women in Midlife Transition

Working with Kathy Hart to navigate the significant changes during your midlife transition enables you to:

  • Move off the fence of indecision and fear
  • Embrace a joy-filled and abundant life
  • Bring closure on outdated identities
  • Identify pivot points to leverage forward momentum
  • Explode embedded self-limiting beliefs
  • Amplify your voice to affect change for yourself and others
  • Translate confidence into measurable outcomes

Client Feedback

“Thank you, Katherine for the excellent keynote address during the annual Safety Woman of the Year recognition banquet.  You presented sophisticated concepts in simple and understandable terms, and showed how such concepts can be effective in the industrial environment. Your concern for effective business actions and long term welfare of organizations was evident and rewarding.  I look forward to the next opportunity to hear you from the podium.”
Raymond MelbergSenior Risk Management Consultant
Coaching With Kathy

Coaching with Kathy

Are you seeking to live a more joy-filled, purpose-driven and abundant life as part of your midlife transition? Now is the time to consider engaging a coach.

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